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The Ouzel in the Creek

The other day, on my way to work in Geneva, I saw my first ouzel. Also known as a dipper, it’s a cocky black bird with a white chest, that lives along mountain streams; it’s the only songbird that can fly (and walk) underwater. This one was perched on a boulder in the little creek […]

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Blessed Unrest

A colleague sent me a link to a very provocative website. It is called Blessed Unrest, a website that delivers a hard-hitting message about how destructive we humans have been on this planet. It is an indictment of all that the mercenary and rapacious twentieth-century has left us as a legacy. One of the interesting […]

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Learnings in Bangkok

Bangkok sprawls across a huge delta, where the Chao Phraya River slowly enters the Gulf of Siam, generating and renewing immense wetlands (now largely rice fields and prawn farms). For ten days (Aug 4 – 15, 2008), an extraordinary group of 23 people met in Bangkok, to enflesh their dreams of a better world for […]

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