Online Course

Edmund Rice International Online Course on Human Rights

Like to learn more about how you can take effective action for justice at a global level?

Want to know more about the work of Edmund Rice International (ERI) and how you can be part of it?

Then why not sign up for the ERI online course which aims to raise awareness about more effective global action for justice.

No prior knowledge is assumed, and whilst it is meant to be informative and interesting it is not an academic course. Best of all it is free and you can work through the material at your own pace.

It is designed for busy people who would like a basic understanding of how organisations such as ERI can work within the UN system to bring about improved outcomes for the most vulnerable people on our planet and for our earth itself.

The course is divided into eight topics containing material for reading and reflection, some questions for discussion and an opportunity for chat with like-minded people around the world – (an optional feature), some suggestions and guidelines for engaging in a simple exercise in advocacy of your own choosing and some quizzes to test your own understanding – (there are no marks or grades associated with the course)

You are welcome to sign up and work through the course individually (each topic takes about two hours to work through) or better still to form a group and work through it together!“

Contact: Brian Bond (Course Coordinator)