ERI Submissions for 41st UPR Session

A range of issues raised in ERI submissions for the UPR reviews of India, South Africa and the United Kingdom were the subject of recommendations put forward by reviewing states during the 41st session.

Issues related to the policy of the United Kingdom towards asylum seekers and refugees (a major focus of the joint ERI submission) were the subject of recommendations made by more than twenty countries. Unfortunately the issue of homelessness, the other major focus of the ERI submission, received limited attention.

The ERI joint submission with PRATYeK for the review of India addressed a wide range of issues, all of which were the subject of recommendations. Issues raised in the ERI submission included the need for climate action, access to education, water and sanitation, the abolition of the death penalty, child labour, food and nutrition, trafficking and domestic violence.

ERI’s joint submission for South Africa containedrecommendations relating to gender based violence (GBV), abuse and violence against children, human trafficking, xenophobia, disability and mental health. Almost all of these issues were raised in the review, with GBV, human trafficking and xenophobia particularly featuring prominently.

Documentation for the review of each country, including a list of recommendations can be found and downloaded here.

States will indicate their response to the recommendations made to them at or before the next Human Rights Council session in March.

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