An ERI Internship in Geneva

When I arrived in Geneva to start my work as an ERI intern I did not know what to expect. Would I be getting coffee for four weeks, or perhaps making photocopies? These questions could not have been farther from the truth. In my four short weeks in Geneva I was able to apply years of class-room practiced theory to practical civil society work, and I did so under the guidance of the best teachers I could have ever asked for.

I arrived in Geneva at the beginning of the Human Rights Council, and ERI gave me the opportunity to attend sessions on topics ranging from rebuilding Haiti, human trafficking, the dignity of persons and global climate change. The Brothers gave me the opportunity to see all aspects of the HRC and how much works goes into preparing side events and reports to the Council on a number of issues.

While I may have been here at the time of the HRC I also worked with Brothers; Brian, Peter, and Moy on a number of different projects they are involved in. I was given the opportunity to analyze the Universal Periodic Review submissions made by ERI and track their current status. I was also given the opportunity to conduct my own research, and with the help of Peter I am currently developing a presentation on the rights based approach to development.

The sheer amount of experience that I gained while working with the Brothers at ERI cannot be understated. I am extraordinarily proud to have been educated by Christian Brothers and to attend a college founded by the Christian Brothers. I am thankful to ERI and the Congregation of Christian Brothers for accepting my application and to Iona College for their generous funding of my internship.

This experience was amazing on so many different levels, and I would encourage anyone interested in social justice, children’s rights, care for the earth, or international law and politics in general to consider applying to ERI for an internship, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Tim Cahill
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