ERI Intern/Volunteer Policy


Intern / Volunteer Policy

 Edmund Rice International (ERI) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) committed to working for children and young people who are marginalised because of poverty, lack of access to education, legal status, environmental degradation, or involvement in armed conflict.

ERI works at the international level to promote and protect the rights of children and young people particularly in regard to education. Care for the environment is a value that is embedded in all that we do.

Inspired by the vision and life of Blessed Edmund Rice, we believe that education in all its forms offers opportunities for the promotion of a rights-based and faith-based approach to social justice and ecological advocacy.

We work in partnership with other faith-based groups, charities and non-profit organisations in the promotion of peace and justice. Our work involves engagement with the change-makers at the international level in order to bring issues and situations to the attention of the international community at the United Nations in New York and Geneva as we seek shared solutions to the issues affecting the lives of the most vulnerable people on our planet.

ERI is a joint initiative supported by the Congregation of the Christian Brothers and the Presentation Brothers.

We are committed to bringing about God’s dream/vision for the world and for humanity. God’s dream is also ours.

Aims of Internship/Volunteer Program

To support the work of Edmund Rice International in the building of a more just, sustainable and compassionate world, where all enjoy dignity, equality, freedom and full enjoyment of their human rights.

To offer an enriching and educational experience for members of the Edmund Rice Network that provides an insight into advocacy for human rights at international level and the work of ERI.

To contribute to the holistic growth of a person, particularly in regard to justice and spirituality and to encourage participation in human rights advocacy.

To enhance the skills and understanding of volunteers so that they may advocate more effectively for human rights and make a greater contribution to the Edmund Rice Network

To build capacity within the Edmund Rice Network by contributing to the formation of people with hearts open to the cry of the earth and the poor and who are moved to prophetic action through advocacy and works for justice. (2008 Christian Brothers’ Congregational Chapter)


ERI works out of the office shared with our partner organisations Franciscans International (FI) and the Marists (FMSI) in Geneva, Switzerland.


Normally interns or volunteers are accepted for periods of up to 3 months, at a time suitable to ERI.

Nature of the Internship/Volunteer experience

The duties of an intern/volunteer depend on the needs of ERI and the qualifications and interests of the applicant, but may include:-

  • undertaking research
  • monitoring events at the Human Rights Council
  • participating in ERI advocacy processes
  • contributing to the ERI newsletter and website
  • interacting with participants in the online advocacy course
  • a focus on advocacy skills with a view to sharing with others and educating interested people in the most effective and appropriate ways to advocate.
  • routine office administration

A mentor will be provided who will meet regularly with each intern/volunteer to reflect on the internship/volunteer experience, provide guidance and support, and oversee their work.

Eligibility criteria/requirements

Applicants should have:-

  • a strong interest in social justice and in the promotion and protection of human rights significant previous or existing involvement in the Edmund Rice Network.
  • research and analytical skills
  • good writing skills (in English)
  • computer literacy and familiarity with commonly used software (e.g. Microsoft Office, internet applications, Mac)
  • a high level of motivation, a responsible attitude, organizational skills and an ability to work individually or in a team at a variety of tasks.

Expectations of Interns/Volunteers

Normal working hours are from 9.00 – 17.00 with a break for lunch, however given the voluntary nature of the placement and the workings of the UN, the hours are flexible and negotiable.

Interns/Volunteers are expected to enter fully into the life of the office community including a weekly prayer session, regular meetings and celebrations.

Interns /Volunteers are expected to comply with all ERI policies and procedures.

Interns /Volunteers are required to represent ERI with appropriate professionalism and discretion at all times.

Remuneration/Travel Arrangements/Accommodation

ERI does not provide any financial support for volunteers/interns. All successful applicants are expected to make their own arrangements for travel (including the obtaining of the necessary visas), health insurance, lodging and living expenses during the internship period.

ERI can provide some advice and assistance about living in Switzerland or France.

Financial assistance from the local Province or Region MAY be available. (see section on Application Procedure below)

Application Procedure

ERI will normally only accept volunteers/interns who have the endorsement of their home Province or Region.

Those interested in working as an intern/volunteer with ERI should first obtain an application form through the ERI Contact person in their local area (email us for the details of the person to contact) and comply with all the requirements for submitting their application. These may include nominating referees and being available for an interview.

Financial assistance from the local Province or Region MAY be available and will be considered on a case by case basis.

The local ERI contact person will be responsible for submitting the final application to the ERI Team in Geneva, who will consider same and then make the necessary recommendation to the Board for final approval and appointment.  The Board of Directors of ERI has the ultimate responsibility for the appointment of Intern / Volunteers to work with the ERI Team in Geneva.

Applications can be made at any time, but should be at least six months prior to the applicants preferred date for commencing the internship/volunteer placement.

A formal contract setting out the terms of the internship/volunteer arrangement will be offered to successful applicants.



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