ERI’s Further Activity During the 52nd Session of the UN Human Rights Council

ERI has delivered a further eight statements at the recently concluded Human Rights Council session. (The eight statements previously made were reported on in the March newsletter).

Again, due to the competition for the limited number of speaking slots available, some statements were delivered in time slots obtained by our partners. To view the recording of the statements, click on the name of the person delivering the statement below:-

Two statements were made as part of the discussion of the report of the Special Representative of the Secretary General on Violence against Children (SRSG). Statements were delivered by Rutendo Mugwara (South Africa Justice Desk) and Fabian Adindu. (The joint statement was drafted as part of the ‘Mission Frere’ program in the USA and read by the representative of Vivat International).

A statement on the situation of migrants at the US/Mexican border from the ‘Mission Frere’ program was read by Br Terry Dowling

An additional statement was delivered by Br Brian Bond on the human rights situation in Myanmar as part of the discussion of the report of the Special Rapporteur on Myanmar. Again the statement was read on behalf of partners who feared reprisals if identified.

A statement relating to political protests in Peru was read by Elmer Hurtado as part of the General Debate..

A statement on the UPR outcome of the United Kingdom was read by Christopher McCreery. A statement on the UPR outcome of tthe Philippines was read by Br Phil Ryan. Statements on the UPR outcome of India were read by Br Tino D’Abreu and Violet Mary and a statement on the UPR outcome of South Africa was read by Br Terry Dowling.

Here are some comments from those given the opportunity to speak at the UN via the recorded video message during the session:-

‘It felt empowering as a young person to be given a platform to be heard and have the issues I fight for and care about be addressed and heard’ – Rutendo Mugwara

‘It was a positive experience for me to be able to be part of this discussion and to advocate for change’ – Ed Havlin

 ‘I am really pleased for the chance to be able to present to the UN. Especially on an issue that is so personal and close to my heart. Hopefully I can help make a difference in some way’ – Chris McCreery

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