ERI Geneva Training Program Builds Capacity

training 2014 Participants in the training program: (l-r) Carolyn White (USA), Brian Bond (ERI), Edwin d’Souza (india) Chris Nolan (New Zealand) Guillermo Bullrich (Argentina) Moy Hitchen (ERI) Sara Pereira (Timor Leste) Passmore Chingwere (Zimbabwe) Jenna Cains (ireland) Peter Harney (ERI) Sean McManus (Australia) and Kevin Cawley (ERI) .

The recently concluded ERI training program in Geneva brought together nine members of the Christian Brothers and Presentation Brothers networks from a variety of places around the globe. Among other things the program involved inputs from the ERI Team, NGO partner organisations in Geneva, a range of UN personnel, a representative from the Irish Permanent Mission ( a former student of the Presentation Brothers) as well as attendance at several UPR sessions, a meeting of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and a side-event on children’s rights.

Feedback from the participants was very positive and at the conclusion of the course all were able to present a plan as to how they will  apply their new-found knowledge to their local situation, thereby enhancing the capacity of our network to engage in advocacy including through the various mechanisms of the United Nations.

Some comments from the participants:-

“The course has been a great opportunity; the experience gained will be put to good use in all of our social justice work whether in schools or in justice groups, as we amplify the voice of those whose human rights are not being recognised or upheld, and who face barriers in speaking out. It has been a great privilege to witness the work of ERI in action.”

“The course was far above what I could have imagined”

“The variety of speakers and their special competence made a crucial difference in the program and added specific energies. Brothers contributions were warm, thoughtful and informative; an intimate window into how the charism gets lived in this special setting.”

“It exceeded my expectations. I have got more information and skills in the whole area of advocacy and human rights”

” The program is so impressive… well organised and co-ordinated..”

“A major shift that occurred to me was the realisation that our school is but a cog in the wheel of not merely the Christian Brothers schools, but the Global Edmund Rice Network which is a diverse and powerful network to be part of and utilize.  This has become very apparent to me.”

“I am very blessed to have been given this opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with such an amazing group of people from all over the world”

Thanks to Misean Cara and Edmund Rice Development for their support in providing the funding for the training.

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