Asansol – eco-parks and garbage wars

Two big schools, St Patrick’s and St Vincent’s, and a trades-training centre, are now embedded in two eco-parks, thanks to the work of Brother Frank Gale, many young men training to be Brothers, and the local staff and students. Ponds, trees, a vigorous undergrowth, and wildlife give a glimpse of the local ecosystem that almost disappeared when Asansol emerged as one of the most industrialised cities of West Bengal. Given some big-hearted allies, the jungle can always come back!

To see kingfishers pouncing on their prey, or jackals and hawks hunting through these forests, might be reward enough. But these schools are giving the whole city lungs, and restoring to it some soul. The locals love to walk here, and most take pride in such a green space. But not all!

There are some who dump their domestic garbage over the walls, into these eco-parks. So the work is never done – the challenge is to speak up for the forest, and demand some justice for these local species. Dialogue, confrontation, persuasion, outrage – Frank brings all these to bear on the offenders; every green space needs such an advocate!

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