List of ERI contacts

Each province or administrative region of the Christian Brothers and Presentation Brothers has nominated an ERI contact person whose role includes raising awareness about the work of ERI and enabling the bringing forward of information and issues to be addressed through the mechanisms of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations.

The nominated contact person may also be assisted by additional nominees or a support group, particularly when a province spans a number of different countries.

(a) Christian Brothers

African Province

Chris Nhete cfc

European Province

Donal Leader cfc

assisted by Tom Murray (UK); Cormac McArt (Northern Ireland); Dominic Sassi, cfc; Chris Glavey cfc

Indian Province

Steve Rocha cfc

assisted by Edwin d’Souza cfc

North American Province

Kevin Cawley cfc

assisted by Sean d’Alfonso (Schools); Septra Augustus (Dominica)

Oceania Province

Vince Skelly cfc

assisted by: Kevin Ryan cfc (Papua New Guinea) Graeme Leach cfc (Philippines); Rod Ellyard cfc (Philippines), Frank Hennessy cfc (Timor Leste)

Latin American Region

Guillermo Bullrich

East Africa District

Johnstone Shisanya

assisted by: Rufina Ushago (Kenya) and John Paul Oluoch (Tanzania)

South Africa District

Jessica Dewhurst

assisted by: Kayla Brittan (South Africa) Anthony Daka (Zambia); Passmore Chingwere (Zimbabwe)

West Africa District

Cyril Dauda cfc (Liberia); Joseph Gomeh cfc (Sierra Leone);


(b) Presentation Brothers

Anglo-Irish Province

Kevin Mascarenhas fpm

Ghana Province

Emmanuel Imoru fpm

Our Lady of the Americas Province

Denis Claivaz fpm, assisted by: Michael Da Costa (Canada); Debora Mclean (St. Lucia); Gary Tagallie (Trinidad and Tobago); Carly Marrero (USA)


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