Peace Activist, Donna Mulhearn

Donna Mulhearn

Donna Mulhearn

Peace activist and former Iraq human shield, Donna Mulhearn, is to take up a role as Regional Coordinator of the Edmund Rice Network in NSW and the ACT.

In announcing the appointment, the Province’s Director of Networking, Communication and Development, Br Steve McLaughlin said in a statement that Donna Mulhearn’s social activism would sit comfortably with the social justice pursuits of the Christian Brothers.

“Her considerable achievements and experience will be invaluable to her development of the wider ERN throughout NSW and the ACT,” Br McLaughlin said.

“Donna will be responsible for developing opportunities for people with both historical and contemporary connections with the Christian Brothers and the legacy of our founder Edmund Rice.

“She has proven herself to be a strong advocate for causes with are closely connected to our objectives,” Br McLaughlin said.

Donna is a well known peace and justice campaigner whose professional experiences cover a wide range of areas. She has been involved in community development activities in various countries including Iraq, Kenya, India, East Timor and Palestine as a worker or volunteer for several Non-Government Organisations (NGO).

From 2003 until 2006 Donna was the Coordinator of Our Home – Iraq, a grassroots NGO providing assistance to street kids and refugees in the country. Her commitment to the people of Iraq and anti-war activities saw her participate as a member of the Human Shield Movement in Iraq in 2003. Her social activism has also witnessed her being a member of Christians Against ALL Terrorism which conducted a Citizen’s Inspection of the Pine Gap military facility in 2005. She has also been featured on ABC TV’s Australian Story.

She is a former journalist and political adviser and in recent years she has been undertaking speaking and writing engagements on issues of social justice, non-violence and spirituality to education and youth groups to show how they can make a difference in the world.

Donna has been active in local community and Church groups including youth refuges, refugee and homeless shelters and in parish and Catholic social justice groups. She describes herself as having a strong commitment to justice, peace, inter-faith dialogue and nonviolence.

Donna said she feels blessed to be in a position that complements her personal call to be involved in social justice full time.

“I’ve been on a wonderful journey the past few years exploring the question of how I can make a difference in the world,” she said.

“The answer has expressed itself in different ways through my involvement in anti-war activity, aid work and activism.

“The beauty of the Edmund Rice Network is that it provides the space for people to explore that question together as a community, walking the journey together.”

Donna said she hopes her networking role can help people discover or go deeper into the special part they have to play in creating a more just and peaceful world.

“We all have the chance contribute to peace and justice in the world. It will be different role for everyone, depending on their unique gifts, talents and passions.

“The Edmund Rice Network can provide the opportunities and support for the journey to action. It’s a journey of reflection and action and conversion for all of us.

“I’m inspired by the Edmund Rice charism which provides a wonderful framework for the journey: Presence, compassion, liberation. And being part of something bigger means we can encourage and inspire each other.

“There are so many opportunities to help.

“Everyone can make a difference.”

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